A walk through Hebrews

Scripture Writing Plan your Journaling Series – A walk through Hebrews

The key word for Hebrews is better – throughout this month I will be sharing scriptures and thoughts on Hebrews.

Throughout this series I want you to reflect on the key scriptures and journal what God has dropped into your heart.

Hebrews is such a beautiful book. Nobody really knows who wrote Hebrews. The purpose of Hebrews was that people should not abandon their faith in Christ.

The key points in Hebrews is that Jesus Christ is better than the prophets as He is a much better spokesperson, He is better than the angels, by virtue of his deity and humanity, He is better than Moses, he is the Son who provides a heavenly rest. He is better than Aaron, as His priesthood is a superior one.

In Hebrews you will find warnings against departing, drifting disobedience and dullness in your faith and it’s something to ask yourself when you find yourself drifting where do you stand in your faith. It might be that you have to do a bit of re-adjusting. When you work through Hebrews you can ask yourself these questions :

  1. God as the basis of our hope
  2. The living and powerful word of God
  3. How is Jesus superior to the Old Testament prophets
  4. How is Jesus superior to the Angels
  5. The real danger of drifting in our faith
  6. How Jesus compares to Moses
  7. The real danger of departing from the living God
  8. How Jesus qualifies of being our High Priest
  9. Why is His sacrifice the highest sacrifice to all sacrifices
  10. The meaning of faith for yourself

Here is a few verses you can reflect upon throughout this month.

Take care with loads of love – Debbera

Take care Debbera xoxo