Bible Journaling Membership

what is bible journaling membership

Bible Journaling Membership Club
is your online community where you will find monthly bundles filled with various topics for your quiet time.

Every month you will have access to brand new lovingly curated bundles filled with content to help you with your quiet time.

The monthly bundle will consist of lovingly curated content made up of mixed media, soul filled workshops where you can expand your quiet time and soul work


  a mini course filled with short videos for you
  printable worksheets

 Say yes to your dreams and passions by living a life aligned to your core values 


Soul School Workshop with your bible journaling membership club

Mixed Media Workshop with your bible journaling membership club

joining the BIBLE JOURNALING MEMBERSHIP community is easy

 click the “SUBSCRIBE NOW” button
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your subscription is R50.00 per month
 when you sign up through payfast your membership will be billed each month
you can quit at any time – no questions asked
for support you can simply contact me
 new BUNDLES are revealed every month!

accessing your membership

  your registration link will be forwarded to you
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 all of our bundles have beautiful and inspiring content to help you live a purpose filled life
 you can enjoy any of the previous bundles that you might have missed
 all your content is available online until you unsubscribe