A quick how to guide on how to collage

Here’s a Quick Guide on how to Collage

Here’s a quick guide on the how to collage. Collages is something anybody can do, it’s super quick and you don’t need specialised equipment to make your collage.

Why collage –

it works your senses, what you feel and see. Collages develop your sense of shape and space. Collages gives you the freedom to explore your feelings and expressions.

What I usually use for my collages : –

Old Magazines, newspapers, junk mail. I cut out all kinds of words, I usually put them in a book between pages. One can put your word and cut outs in a card board box. I cut out all different kinds of shapes, backgrounds, faces anything that draws my attention.

your #creativecue to soul filled living

Glue – I use a glue stick – the more expensive ones are the best.

Scissors or X-Acto knives. The X-Acto knives I use for the finer cut outs.

Hardboard – In any color.

your #creativecue to soul filled living

Then it’s play time, I just play and put together backgrounds, shapes, faces and words. Whatever the moment brings, what’s in my thoughts, I move things together, rework, reshape until the collage speaks to me. Don’t over think your collage, it’s about the moment.

your #creativecue to soul filled living

When you’re done, sit back, enjoy and share if you want to.

Here is a special freebie for you today for your collage. You can use it with the papers pack under the free resources.

Your #creativecue to a soul filled living

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