create your masterpiece

Go Create Your Masterpiece

Sometimes what holds us back is the fear of not being good enough. That inner critic that speaks to you softly in all sorts of ways. It says, don’t even try, don’t go there, why do you even want to start, you’re wasting your time, let other people do it.

Me whispering to You

I’m whispering softly in your other ear, don’t believe what you hear. Give yourself the space and freedom to make your mistakes. When you do make mistakes, there’s nothing like a delete button on your camera, paint, tearing out your page from a journal and to start again, a fresh, with a new perspective. When you next draw your circle, take your picture, draw your face, you’re closer to becoming more confident in what you’re doing and why you are doing it. With the knowledge of your imperfections the confidence come forward in the next times.

Don’t think that some of the greatest painters did not have their own insecurities, or that some of them still don’t have them. They all do, they just don’t give up and neither should you. Try and try again that should be your motto, if all else fails, try again, and if then, again. Never give up, just try again.

Where do you start

Whatever you want to do just start.

  • Photography as your passion – start with taking photographs with your phone. Turn your photographs into your art. Share them with your family and friends. Make those around you happy with your art.
  • Painting as your passion – you don’t need to be perfect. Buy yourself a starter acrylic, oil, watercolor set. Don’t have to be expensive. Start with a blank piece of white paper and start to doodle, draw, paint. Let the colors flow on your paper. When the imperfections come, start with another piece of paper. Let your mind flow. You’re doing this for yourself an no-one else.
  • Sculpting as your passion. Collect objects from home, around your area, on your walks. Start making sculptures with found objects. Start to look with a new eye at objects. Squint if necessary. Be at ease with your art.
  • Knitting as your passion. If you don’t know how to knit, a friend would always be available to teach you. Mom’s are a very good go to source of information. You-Tube, Vimeo, books, friends are very good go to sources for how to’s. Join a knitting club.
  • Quilting as your passion. Start small, with a few blocks. Look at free styling your designs to start with. Be fearless and bold in your designs. There’s nothing to it. Join a guild, observe and apply.
  • Sewing as your passion. Start with a making a cushion, that’s the easy steps. When you’re comfortable, move on to the bigger projects. Make items for your home. Curtains, cushions, duvets, quilts, carpets, art for your walls, chair covers, table cloths, napkins, wall hangings, headboard coverings, linen, there is so much you can do.
  • Drawing as your passion. Sit quietly and observe people. Draw buildings. Go to parks, observe the world around you. Carry small notebooks where-ever you go. Doodle, sketch, draw, scribble – whatever you want to call your musings – just take a few minutes and start. Give yourself the freedom to explore your hearts desire.

Enjoy the process

Creating your own art is a process –  bringing that inner breath you have to the fore. Remember, you all have to start somewhere. In the creation of your very own art there will be challenges to what you see, believe, hear, feel, taste as you explore with your senses. Through all these processes remember to keep an open mind as it’s mostly an internal journey of getting to know yourselves. Through becoming more creative and making time for the process you will become more aware of what’s happening in and around you. Nurture yourself, give yourself care packages, give yourself ME-time for reflection. The space to let the inner critic go.

Give yourself ME-Time

It’s all fine and well when you think about everything you want to do, now you’re thinking about your ME-Time and when you maybe/should/could do it. Look at your day, week, month, schedule your Creative Time in for yourself, negotiate with your friends, family for your much needed ME-Time. It’s about yourself and your want and need to create. Think about it you’re doing it for yourself and your family. For yourself first as when you are all centred, reflective and happy this overflows to all the others surrounding you. The vibes you send out to those around you are picked up and reflected back to you. A win-win for all.

Just do it

Just start, whatever you want to do, just do it. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, don’t be afraid of your mistakes. Let go of your fears, inner critic of the not good enoughs. Create for yourself first. Don’t tell yourself you can’t – because you can. Can’t doesn’t exist in the “creative own” dictionary. Made up dictionary by the way. Just start with that blank piece of paper, there’s nobody watching you. Start to write, who’s going to read it, only you, let it flow. Take your photographs, you’re the one who’s going to change the settings, angles, nobody else. Start exploring. Just do it – start.

Through everything, there’s me hugging you all the way. Just start. I’m sharing you some of my journey pieces of creativeness in all it’s imperfections. Through this all – loving every moment of it.

Take care – Debbera xoxo