Finding your Space to Read the Word of God

Finding your Space to Read the Word of God

Now that you have had a thought on how to read the Word of God, I wanted to share a thought or two in finding your own space or place where you can feel comfortable to read your Bible without distractions – in that finding your quiet time to spend with the Word of God. Not to say that distractions don’t happen, ask me. Then again finding a place settles your mind and helps that you don’t have to worry about the next big thing or next thing that might happen with and around you.

When you do find your place, fill it up with what makes you happy, create your happy space with reference books, kokis, scripture art, journaling supplies, magazines that you can cut out of, anything and everything that you think you might use in your journaling process.

For me somedays I journal, some days I read, some days I create, it’s not always the same. Again this is never about the quantity you feel that you have to read or what the world says you have this plan you have to work through. It’s always about what you can learn through God’s word, what is He telling you, what do you need to know. It’s always about growth, learning and progression. I’ts what you can apply in your life, what can you teach others.

It’s about reading until the Holy Spirit drops something in your heart to reflect on. Again some days you will read and contemplate, other days you will have a verse that keeps mulling in your mind, other days it will be a whole chapter that grips you as you want to find out what happened next. Again, it’s always a conversation with God and what He drops into your spirit.

More often than not we ask in prayer and God answers through his Word.

Take care – Debbera xoxo