Finding your Muse

Finding Your Muse

What I want to share with you is that our muses can be found in any situation. That something that inspires us to think and meditate on. Your muse can be found in the beautiful places surrounding you. It is during these times that we are at our most creative if we just give ourselves the chance to be silent and focus on what we see. To forget the noise and listen to what God wants to share with us through beauty.

Definition of muse – to think or meditate in silence, as on some subject.

Today I want to share some ideas on how to find your muse – small little things that you can do to incorporate in your life that slowly but surely can make a difference in your quiet time. Our quiet time doesn’t always have to be sitting down behind a desk or table.

Finding Your Muse – Unplug

Firstly and this is a biggie – unplug – yes I did say unplug – that means – phones, internet, TV anything that your thumbs can get to electronically. Why do I say unplug, we are so bombarded with all images, sayings, news that we don’t always give ourselves the chance to sit back and become aware of our own surroundings. What is nature trying to tell us, is the sun actually really shining today. Listening past the noise.

Finding Your Muse – Start Exploring

Secondly I want you to start looking at things to do around you – it doesn’t always have to be these exotic trips – look closer to home, where can you go locally. This could be museums, zoos, walks, beach, forests, a drive up the cost, road anywhere. The most important thing is to unplug and to get that inner you filled up with new inspiration. Let the communication devices be for a moment.

Have a few conversations with yourself. Have a few conversations with God. It is within these moments that clarity happens.

Finding Your Muse – Your Own Projects

When you find what inspires you bring it into your art, maybe you love taking photograph instagram it, create your own hashtags. Bring these moments into your journaling.

Some of my inspiring moments through my daily walks – in the park, in town, by the sea, up the road, looking down, looking up. Inspiration is everywhere – don’t forget to look up or down – you’ll be amazed what you can see and what God loves to share with us.

For me during these moments of walking, silence, meditating, listening ignoring the noise is when clarity happens. Take a moment and find what inspires you.

Take care – Debbera xoxo

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