Five Different Ways to Study your Bible

You are listening to creativecue’s podcast, episode 2. Today we are talking about how to read the Bible in your quiet time.

Hey, everybody, it’s Debbera here from a rainy Cape Town which is such a blessing as we have severe water restrictions because of drought. If this is your first time listening, welcome, notes can be found at

I want to share a few thoughts on reading the Word of God, today I’m sharing some more ideas on how to make reading your Bible a joyful experience.

  1. Have you ever thought about setting time aside for meditating in the Word. Taking a passage or a verse and meditate on that verse in your quiet time and let it flow through your mind every step you take in your day or before you go to sleep.
  2. Another way is to do a Word Study, this is where you use a concordance to look up all the passages a word is being used and then look for patterns or how the various passages expand your understanding of this verse, passage.
  3. This is where your creativity comes in, have you ever thought of drawing a mind map of a verse, what does the words mean to you, what is the other verses or words intersect with this verse or thought. Draw this in your journal.
  4. When you read a passage, rewrite and journal it as a poem be fearless you’ll be surprised by what you learn and what God drops into your spirit.
  5. Don’t be afraid about looking up a Greek or Hebrew word and the original meaning. This is how I’ve learned a few words that brought certain words closer to my heart.

I hope that you find these ideas helpful. Till next time.

Thanks for listening. Any questions? Find me at take care, lotsa love!