how to interpret your own thoughts

How to interpret your own thoughts

There are more than a thousand thoughts peppering your mind on a daily basis. Thoughts reflect emotions and through interpreting your emotions you re-act to your surrounding world.

Have you had moments where you were with colleagues, friends or family where you have certain perceptions of what you think people think of you and then later find out that was not true or have a moment when you have made an assumption of a person that turned out not to be true either. These thoughts can undermine your sense and sensibility if you are not careful. You can make certain guesses on what people are “thinking” about you and this would again be untrue. These thoughts can become a mind field if one is not careful.

I want to share a few ideas and tools you can use when you have all these thoughts going through your mind in how to interpret your own thoughts.


  • Write down all your thoughts you have of a specific situation.
  • After writing down everything about a specific situation, highlight all the facts, eg. I have a sister is a fact, my sister is inconsiderate is not a fact.
  • When you look at what you have written down, everything that is not highlighted is a thought and not a fact.
  • Through journalling down your thoughts become aware and acknowledge what is real and fact and what is only thoughts.
  • Thoughts drive us, once you see for what it is, identify your thoughts and sift through what is true and not true.
  • Look at how your thoughts are impacting your emotions.
  • After looking at your thoughts you can decide if  those thoughts are based on fact or not, according to this, chose to either accept the thought or change it.

Lotsa Love Debbera xoxo