It’s all about confidence

It’s All About Confidence

It’s all about confidence. Since starting creativecue I’ve realised that you can have all the passion in the world for your project,  to connect with others you need to know who you are and the confidence in knowing your worth.

If you’re an introvert like me this confidence comes with a bit of work. Here’s a few tips that make me feel confident.

Looking Good makes you feeling Good

There’s nothing having yourself a home made spa day. It doesn’t have to break you bank either, gather a few supplies, a bit of bubble bath and just sit back and relax.

Go through your cupboard and let go of all the old and stay with the classics. A few choice items always work, nice shoes and accessories can change a outfit from day to night in an instant.

Dress up for work, dress your part.  Do the hair, the eyes, the nails – you never know when you can be called in for a meeting with execs. When you start looking good you will be feeling great and have this little extra step in your walk as this just says I’m present and ready for business.

Quick Tip : Receive compliments well.

Look at How you Stand and Sit

No slouching. Sit up and stand straight, this just gives you that extra little confidence booster. When you slouch you look down at the world, standing up you take note and are aware of who’s around you and become involved with our surroundings.

Know Your Values and Your Principles and live Them

This is key in who you are. When you know your values and principles you know when your boundaries are crossed and this gives you the confidence to respond to the pressures surrounding you. Get to Know Yourself, through this you know your strengths and weaknesses and can talk to them. By knowing your principles you know your boundaries, when you know your boundaries you know what you will accept in your life and what is unacceptable. Knowing this bring forth the confidence in you to say no when you need to.

Quick Tip : Trust Your Instincts – That’s Why You have them

Increase Your Knowledge

There is more than enough platforms that can help you increase your knowledge when you think your financial situation might be a factor. I have completed a few courses through these mediums and the subject matters range from everything to anything. Taking a few of these courses has impacted in how I work at work and has in turn upped my confidence level with heaps and bounds. The difference is when you speak – you speak with authority. Even when the subjects I have learned has nothing to do with my current position at work. Knowledge is power – this moves you into confidence, moving you into action. You become a doer and not a sitter.



Future Learn

Do some Exercise

I started walking a year ago and never looked back. It just made me feel better about myself. It’s one small thing I did during my day and had a huge impact in my life. I was one of those people who had a time problem and had to re-brand my thinking from I don’t have time, to yes I do have time. This is so much worth the effort, all you have to do is take baby steps.

Note the Positives in Your Life

I’ll end with this statement. The world is so filled with all the negatives that it takes a miracle to see a positive. During your day take note of when you’re taking in all the negatives, my challenge to you – for every negative go look for a positive. It’s not that easy, it’s about balance and you need to balance your life out with positives and not just focus on all the bad things happening around you.

These are just a few tips that has helped me become more confident. I just know that it will help you with your confidence journey.