It’s in the music

It’s In the Music

It’s in the Music –   Music can be full of happiness, sadness, romance, there is music for each one of us. It’s for us to write our own soundtrack make our own playlist. Why don’t you explore worship music, listen to different genres, make a playlist of go to music on your phone for when you sit down for your quiet time.

Music speaks to the soul, Think how Psalms was written to music. Have you thought about singing Psalms. 



On a side note I just want to mention appreciating music has nothing to do with musical ability. My family is an extremely musical family – everyone can play more than one instrument – except me. I can’t keep two notes together. My middle child asked me once to sing along with the piano. Needless to say I was told that me and notes don’t go together, this hasn’t stopped me singing and worshipping. I totally believe that is why earplugs got made xoxo.

I have no notes in me yet I love to sing, love music, even not finding the notes has not made me stop singing in the car, shower, wherever I am. Sometimes I feel sorry for the people around me – then again for a moment and carry on. Singing makes me happy. That’s what I want to leave with you today. Find your own music, you don’t have to be all musical – you are allowed to be tone deaf like me and I’m giving you all the permission in the world to sing your heart out.

I’m not of the belief that you have to listen to classical music to find your inner muse, I’m a believer that when you find that music that speaks to you – that’s it. That’s the trigger moment that would get you moving.

A good tip – usually when life happens and were a bit blue there is nothing like worship music that tunes us into God.

Today – listen to music with your soul – sing out loud and be.

Take care Debbera xoxo