Kingdom Story – Connection

Hi I’m Debbera from creativecue and welcome to your go to place for bible study resources.

It’s all about connecting your story. Did you write down in your journal your story!

Have you thought about how you connect with others around you about telling what the Lord has done in your life.

There is a bit of journaling to be done and I want you to take out your journal and write down your thoughts on how God is at work in your life.

  • Write down what problem you have had and where you have struggled.
  • Write down how God has helped you with and taught you?
  • What joys have you experienced and that you know is a blessing from God?
  • What were the changes Glod showed you, you had to make and apply to your life?
  • How had you applied these changes in your life?
  • When you look at your friends surrounding you – what problems are they having?
  • When you chat with your friends what do you always discuss with them, what do they need assistance with? When you tell your story you want to connect your story with others and you want them to feel the need for God. It’s not that they are listening to a great story, you want your friends to feel the connection to what God did for you in your life – that God can make a change in their too.
  • What are the challenges do your friends face on a daily basis?

You see your unique Kingdom story is where what God has done in your life and what He is doing in your life and the need you see in your friends and acquaintances surrounding you.

It is your Kingdom Story of what you went through in a similar situation and how you have experienced God as your provider when you have struggled with fear and how God has strengthened your faith.

When you connect your story to others, you are allowed to ask a question that relates to their story. This shows that your story is not only about yourself and that you care about to whomever you are speaking too.

One of the most important aspects about sharing your Kingdom Story is not only the sharing of your story it is listening where you can share insights later on. You are building a sense of need of belonging to God.

Each one of us has a Kingdom Story to tell and most of the time we have a life time to tell a story. I want you to think that you only have two minutes to tell your story what is it you would want to share?

Write down what you are thinking?

I will share a bit more on sharing your Kingdom Story next time.

Take care Debbera xoxo