Kingdom Story – God the Hero of your story


Hi I’m Debbera from creativecue and welcome to your go to place for bible study resources.

As you’ve journaled through your Kingdom Story and you are nearly ready to share your story it’s about connecting with others and it is becoming vulnerable ourselves. Throughout sharing your story it is making God the hero of your story.

The only offer we can give other people is how Jesus helped you and how His word is the solution to all of your problems.

When you share how He has helped you, ask yourself :

  • How did I see God at work in my situation?
  • How did prayer begin to change me or change the circumstances?
  • What good did God bring about even in the hard places?
  • How did God mold me in this story?
  • Journal these questions in your journal.

We’ll chat again soon, till next time Debbera xoxo