Your Kingdom Story – Testimony

Your Kingdom Story

We all want to share our Kingdom Story. During the next four weeks I will be sharing how you can share your Kingdom Story.

We all want to share our love for God and our faith with others and as an introvert sharing our Kingdom Story it does not come all that naturally. As an introvert sometimes I talk too much as I want to overcompensate on my shyness or not talk at all. Sometimes sharing one’s faith you can have the fear of being misunderstood or being judged for what you are saying. Then you start to panic, what if I can’t answer the questions. What if I don’t explain Jesus gift of salvation the right way?

In the coming sessions I will be sharing with you a few thoughts in how you can share His life in your story and how you can journal your story and to overcome your fear of telling your Kingdom story?

In preparation for the next session I want you to think and journal all the times that Jesus came through and spoke into your life and other’s lives and what did it mean to you and those surrounding HIm.

Note that through Jesus’ story His relationship with God was first and his love for us unconditional. Think about how Peter experienced Jesus first hand. How do you think Peter felt when Jesus healed the sick and preached to the multitudes.

Take care – Debbera xoxo