Kingdom Story – Write your Story

Hi I’m Debbera from creativecue and welcome to your go to place for bible study resources.

In this last part of telling your story I want you to reflect on what you have journalled so far, You have written down your story, reflected on your story, you are thinking how you can tell your story in two minutes, on where you can listen and ask guided questions when needed.

You have written down your story, you have connected with your story and with your friends, you have made God the hero of your story and now I want you to end with inspiration.

Tell your friends what God has done in your life and how this has changed your life and what the difference this has made when you applied the solution in your life.

Write down your story and practice your story. I know it sound funny to practice your story, what this does is that you are comfortable telling your Kingdom Story and when you meet someone that you want to share, you are ready to share your story. The more you share your Kingdom Story the easier it becomes to share your story.

Take care

Debbera xoxo