Living with intention

living with intention

How to Get Intentional in your life is to start a specific idea and see that idea fulfilled through to the end. The only way we can get our ideas fulfilled is to actually do it. Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for working through the process of our intention but hard work.

What does intention mean to us creatives?

Why be intentional in your life?

The world out there is a world filled with amazing things, sights, sounds, smells that bombard our senses. It is very easy to get lost in all this noise.

At this point our brains have this information overload and it becomes very difficult to define anything and everything that surrounds us. We tend to focus on the nothingness and live is this bubble of just being. It’s when you drive the same road every day, the road becomes a road with the same lanes, just cars, nothing out of the ordinary. It’s taking this sameness and bringing it a step forward and becoming intentional in the sameness. It’s when you take the same road and break it up into small little pieces and become more intentional in what you see and hear.

When we become intentional in our life we see more, hear more, feel more, taste more, we live more and are open to the possibilities surrounding us.

Why? Now we can absorb what’s happening in and around us, take that and transpose it into our creativeness.

A quick lesson in becoming intentional?

  • Today, before you set forth on your journey decide on what you want to see, is it a color, a specific item, define it in your mind.
  • Look for what you wanted to see, take snapshots of your intention, write it down or make a mental note.
  • Remember it’s about being intentional, you’re giving your brain something to do out of the ordinary.  It is not just taking the same colours, scene in every day that it does. It’s breaking the image up into small nuggets of what you want to see.

You can take the same route and do the same thing just with another colour, you will see something totally different. This is about opening up your creative eye to your surroundings and seeing the world around you in a total different way.

The power of intention is to start a specific idea and to see that idea fulfilled through to the end.

Intention for me has to do with starting with the end in mind, even if it is not a final product / project, it can just be a glimpse of what “it” could be, whatever it is.

The golden rule of intention is to start, know what you’re looking for and work through the process of getting there.