Mental Detox Diet

Mentol Detox Diet

Mental Detox is all about getting the clutter out of our minds and the ability to focus on what we need to do. To enable ourselves to start thinking creatively we need to have healthy thoughts. We have to be able to think the right thoughts just as we need to eat the right foods.

This is my challenge to you : Let’s do some detoxing.

 Why are we going to do a Mental Detox Diet?

With many detoxing diets you start with a three day process whereby you enable your body to get rid of all toxins. Why not for your mind, this is the most important part of your body. What we think has a direct link to what we feel and what we do and how we live. This all has an impact on how we live life. When our minds are so filled with “other” mindless things, we do not give ourselves the ability to do what we need to do – living our purpose.

To cleanse our thoughts and what’s in our minds is a process, as most of what is happening in our thoughts is what we put their in the first place through images, what we read and what we have heard. We clutter our minds more often than not with all these useless information that distorts our thinking.

How are we going to Mentally Detox?

To detoxify our mind we need to de-stimulate ourself. This means no TV, no Radio, no Internet and No Telephone, yes no smart phones nearby, this includes no social media, twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedin, even blogs. Note to self : you can give yourself a break phone wise if it is work related.

In place of watching TV, radio, internet, being on the phone the whole time, challenge yourself and spend time outside, go for a walk, chat with your friends (not via any media form – the old fashioned way – face to face). Listen to instrumental music that can inspire you. Spend time with yourself, set yourself a new goals. Re-look what you see, what are the colors, shapes, patterns surrounding you.

How long are we going to Mentally Detox?

We are going to start small and give ourselves 1 day – I know we all have busy lives and I think this is what most of us can handle – we can even detox over a weekend starting on a Friday, moving into Saturday. If you think you can do it, move into Sunday. Saturday is then a good day to meet up with friends and have friendly chats.

Don’t worry – the world will still be around in one form or another after your mind detox break – you might just be the better for it.

Give it a try and let me know how your process went.

Just a reminder – Fill your mind with what is good, positive and what is peaceful.

This is another way to keep your mind focused when it comes to your quiet time.

Take care – Debbera xoxo