Not Enough Time

Not enough time

We are giving our mindset about time a reboot today. We don’t have to entertain our mind drama about to do lists, thinking about not having time, thinking more about not having time then doing nothing. When we ease into nothingness, time travels away.

Our time and energy are limited and when we dwell too much in the space of nothingness it takes up precious time and energy and in the end we are left empty-handed. At the end of all this mind drama of not doing anything we feel the guilt as a result.

Moving forward into rebooting your time

We all want to create time and space for what we want to do. I found this so inspiring and so true. When we start our mornings accomplishing the first task of making our bed, this moves forward into the next task and the next, by the end of the day we can truly look back on the accomplishments of the day.

Reboot your time, and think about the things you really want to do, what matters most and do it. We all have to work, think about how you can multi-task, maybe listen to an inspirational podcast if you can wear ear phones at work, if not, think about how to spend your lunch time, read an inspirational book, spend one on one time with a friend.

It’s Energizing

When you reboot your time the age old story of not enough time fades away when you make the time to do the things that matter and what fills you up. When you honor what you feel you should explore, you become more energised and your to list of laundry becomes less exhausting.

Tomorrow morning, try your day with making your bed first thing, it’s a game changer.

Take care Debbera xoxo