Reading the Word of God

Reading the Word of God

Don’t be daunted when you open the Word of God. The most important thing is to start, even where you are, when you are not to sure where to start you can use the scripture series as a guideline. It could be that you find that it might be too structured for you, don’t stress again, it’s for you as a prompt when you are not too sure where to start.

Prayer is the starting point of a conversation with God, where we share our thoughts, experiences, troubles the answers come when starting to read the Word of God and the Holy Spirit through reading and prayer drops heart moments into our life that breaks open challenges that we might be struggling with.

It is to take the Word and journal those thoughts making scripture cards, write in the margins, maybe in our reflection journals bringing those moments to life in our life, where we can start to reflect on how we can apply this into our daily walk.

Here’s a few thoughts I wanted to share with you today in reading the Word of God

Finding your quiet time

Finding your space for your quiet time

Take care – Debbera xoxo