Recapture your day

Recapture Your Day

I’ve been so busy these last couple of weeks that before I knew it we are moving into another month and I’m thinking what happened. This made me realise we all have to refocus now and again.

Being Grateful

Number One on my list is to be grateful for every day. Every day is a new day to be embraced. We need to be intentional about it from the moment we wake up. One of the things you can do is change the tune you wake up to, why not let your alarm clock wake you up with a song in the morning instead of the bleep sounds it usually makes. Don’t change if it won’t wake you up – just saying. Just be intentional in your morning routine and don’t rush through your morning. Why not get up 10 minutes earlier for a nice cup of coffee to get you going. There are just so many ways to get yourself relaxed instead into a frenzied space of I have to finish and have to get the kids going. This is just enough to drive every one crazy.

Show Up Today

The question can be asked how do you want to show up today. How do you want people to perceive you during the day. Do you want to be one of those grumpy people – people will remember – or do you want to be one of those people who put a smile on somebody’s face every day. How do you present yourself at work. Are you in your work space or in your nothing box. People do notice.

Just show up for your day, be present, notice what people are talking about, when you can give input, – do, be helpful, say no when you must. You’ll be surprised with what’s happening around you – I did – totally for the better.

Get Prepped for your Day

Getting prepped for your day sounds like work – it is – but in a good way. Take care of what you must, if you need to do something now, do it, don’t procrastinate – it will bite you in the butt later. It’s as simple as washing dishes, if you do it now – you don’t have to worry about it later. It’s one of those things that clutters your mind, and you’re going to keep on going back to it. So just get it done. If you can make sandwiches before the time, do it. If you can pack away things when you’re done do it. By getting all the small things done and out of the way gives your mind the space to get ready for your day. There’s saying a bit of organising your life, it makes life simple to make space for things later when you need to be spontaneous and opportunities come your way. Dishes are no help when you’re at the beach and everybody is having a great time and you keep on thinking of what’s waiting for you at home….  grrr dishes.

Basically prep for your day. Know what you can do on a daily basis to make your life easier, what can wait, what can’t wait. Just do what you need to do and get it done.

Take Care of Yourself

Whatever it takes, take care of yourself. Please note that there are only one you. Should wonderful things come your way, you need to be in a shape to be able to enjoy your moment and your day. It’s no use you get the chance to see the most amazing view, yet you can’t climb a hill. I’m not saying that those of us with health problems have to start training for a marathon. There are more than one way to get some exercise. Whatever you can do, please do.

Getting back to the basics – you need to take care of yourself – daily.

Reflect On Your Day

At night before you go to bed, think of your day. Sometimes we are so taken up with what’s happening in and around us, that we don’t take note of all the good things that do happen. Take a moment to reflect and bank all those good moments for a later day when you are going to need it.

On a last note – we all get angry during any given day. I’m not saying it won’t happen, just be aware and it’s what you do with this anger that matters. You need to be able to forgive and let go. It’s just that you need to be available today, tomorrow today is gone, you can’t get it back. Be present in your day.

Take care – Debbera xoxo