Stepping out of your comfort zone scripture writing plan

Scripture Writing Plan your Journaling Series – Stepping out of your comfort zone

I want to challenge you this month to step out of your comfort zone, take time to minister and bless others around you. During this month take your time to read, journal the Word and hear His voice. I am sharing a few scriptures this month on encouragement when you step out and do kingdom work.

God has never called us to be comfortable, in fact He has called us to do the exact opposite. He has asked us to move forward through tough times, to be faithful even when we don’t know where He will lead us next.

Trusting God took David from the comfort of looking after sheep to becoming King of Israel.

Praying in public took Daniel from the comfort of his home to a den full of hungry lions.

Know that when you do step out that even when you feel unqualified God does equip you and will give you strength.

  • Throughout this month journal what stepping out in faith means for you.
  • Journal how will you allow faithfulness to His Word to transform your thinking and how you live every minute of every day.
  • Use your gifting in ways that you have never used them in the past. Journal about your gifts, write them down and jot down thoughts on how you can share them with others.
  • Do something that you have never done before, have you shared your faith with someone you don’t know at all?

Throughout this month I will share encouraging words and I pray that this will encourage and inspire you to step up, step out and trust even when you cannot see.

In 2 Corinthians 12:9-11 it says : “My grace is sufficient for you, my power is made perfect in weakness”

Take care with loads of love – Debbera

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Take care Debbera xoxo