The power of NO

The power of No – the benefit of clearly stating what you do not want

I have realised being a women, mother, worker bee, one of the most difficult things to say is No. I once was in a meeting where the chairperson said No, and when other’s was still discussing the point, he stated that No is an sentence with a point at the end of the answer. Through the years I have kept going back to that conversation when choices needed to be made and I have used No as a sentence with a point at the end of my answer. It is about our boundaries and defining our boundaries.

I don’t know why sometimes saying No can be seen as being selfish and rude. Here is a few pointers I wanted to make in when saying No can add up to one big yes.

In saying No you can be polite and graceful. Sometimes in conversations it is easier to agree to what everyone is saying and in saying No you would seem rude. Instead of saying No as a false symbol of respect for others, say No with manners because you simply otherwise disrespect yourself. It is OK to be different to others and have your own ideas and thoughts.

You don’t have to be everyone’s favorite person. I am not everyone’s cup of tea, and I’m fine with that. When you say yes to everyone to make them like you in the end only make you dislike yourself and give your self esteem a knock. Have you ever walked away from a conversation and afterwards thought why didn’t I say anything? Be your own favourite person and speak in truth when you need to.

Your time is your best asset, use it wisely. You are valuable in God’s eyes and so are your time, use it wisely. Say No when you need to. When you focus on saying No to things of the world that holds no importance to you, you will find that you are more likely to focus on the things that matter and that defines your purpose.

I hope that you understand that it is OK to say No sometimes and that not everything has to be a yes.

Take care – xoxo Debbera