A Walk through Romans Scripture Journaling Plan

Scripture Journaling Plan

Your Bible Journaling Plan – A Walk Through Romans

Your scripture journaling plan – your reading and writing passages can be found in Romans

The key word for Romans is faith – throughout this bundle you will be taking a walk through Romans and journaling your faith.

Romans was written by Paul in about AD57 near the end of the third missionary journey. The main synopsis of Romans is all about :

  • the need for salvation
  • the method of salvation
  • salvation illustrated in the life of Abraham
  • The blessing of salvation
  • the scope of salvation
  • life of holy service to God
  • struggle with sinful tendencies
  • the plan of salvation by faith
  • Gods dealings with Israel
  • The restoration

The scriptures are there for you to reflect, journal and encourage you to live a life with purpose.

This is a reference guide for you to come back on a daily basis to reflect on and journal on.

Take care Debbera xoxo


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