You are creative never doubt that

You are creative never doubt that

Cue thoughts of …. I can’t create, I don’t know how ……

replace with

I am creative, I do know how, and yes it’s me, it does not have to be perfect as da Vinci’s masterpiece, I am free to create – I am God’s masterpiece.

Now move forward into your day, you create every day with bits and pieces that come together as your life, your life being your canvas, now make those bits and pieces come to life in creative ways that speak to your soul. If you love taking snapshots of a rose or your children playing on a playground that is you being creative.

When you get home and want to create that on a canvas or recreate that in a baking masterpiece, you are creating.

Everything you do is part of your thoughts, beliefs, actions, values, words and your commitments.

You can bring these masterpiece moments into your quiet time. This is what life is about.

In this quiet space you can bring your thoughts to God and create within these quiet moments as part of your worship to Him. I know that sometimes when you sit down or when you would love to start sometimes you can be filled with shame, fear, apprehensions, here’s the thing, you can’t undo the past, you can change how you feel about it and God has grace for you.

From this point God moves you into love and you can change the way you feel about your past. From this space move into your creative space, through being creative in whatever form you choose, give joy to yourself and to others. This could be through journaling, painting, sewing, baking, taking photographs.

Through this love lense you will focus on God in ways that you would not have realised is possible, it is in those tiny moments of taking a breath that God speaks to you.

Don’t compare your masterpiece to others, it’s not the same, you have a unique gift that is yours only that is not comparable to others. Yours is a light that shines on those who needs it, remember that.

In this season, take the time to breathe, sit down and be creative in your way.

Take care – Debbera xoxo